Why You Can't Afford to Wait for Inspiration

Our society runs at a fast pace. Daily, subjects trend and within hours, it's old news. Marketers and advertisers alike won't use material that's 11 months or older because it's deemed irrelevant and social platforms are popping up at an alarmingly fast pace. So what do you do when you're in need of a little inspiration but you're livelihood literally can't afford to wait on the inspiration to arrive? 

Here are five tools to utilize that'll inspire you, refresh you and might even surprise you.

1) Exercise: Yep, you heard us, exercise! When your blood is pumping, you've worked up a nice sweat and you're mind isn't ultra focused on your to do list, your brain can actually recharge. So if you feel like you've hit that creative wall, take 30 minutes and go for a brisk walk or quick run. You'll come back feeling calmer and ready to inspire and be inspired.

2) Process: Talk things through with your team. Letting them in on your process allows them to see and hear what you have in mind and they may be able to trigger some creativity during the discussion. Two heads are better than one so even if you're a one woman show, call someone you trust and talk it out. 

3) Conference: Check out a local conference. There are so many inspirational events for small business owners these days so Google one that's close to you. You'll meet new friends, hear great speakers, get some cool ideas and eat delicious food.

4) Scroll: Log out of business accounts and peruse the web. See what other creatives are up to and see if it's something that inspires you. A neat trend right now is collective over comparison which in a nutshell means that entrepreneurs are uniting to help one another rather than viewing each other as competitors. Reach out and encourage someone in their business and you'll be pleasantly surprised what a blessing that'll be to you both.

5) Step Away: If nothing else works, hang up the working cap for a day or two and recharge. Enjoy a stay-cation at home to save some money or splurge a bit and check into a BB for a little rest and relaxation. Then come Monday morning, hit it hard and watch the creativity flow.

What are some other ways you find inspiration?