Why Blogging Is Essential

Everybody has a blog right, so how do you make your voice heard in a fairly saturated market? Whether it's business, personal or a fun hobby, there's something out there for everyone and people are constantly innovating new ways to connect with their audiences. So while you should totally have a blog, there's a special way to do it in order to set you apart from the masses. Tapping into that sphere of uniqueness will attract traffic to your website that will create community within your readership and might even lead to sales. 

Niche: Decide who your ideal reader is. Once you've decided exactly who you're writing to, write in that voice. Write about the things that person would care about, want to know and be interested in. You want them to feel valued in what you're writing so connecting with them is essential. 

Content: Choosing content is critical. There is so much material vying for our attention so creating blogs that are worthy of reading is crucial. It's ok to say what's been said before, but what will set you apart from everybody else is putting a spin on it. Let's say you own a graphic design business and want to share the latest tips. Instead of just sharing tips in bullet points, try to craft content that is beneficial to your reader. You want them to read it and feel like they've learned something when they finish.

Pictures: If you decide you want to include pictures in your blog, make sure they are quality images. Anything that is heavily edited from filters will typically come across a tad bit blurry. But don't worry, a little editing is totally fine. Look for images that are sharp and eye catching and include those. 

Blogging gives you a platform to really shape what your company and mission is all about. It gives you limitless characters and you're able to add links, tags and help improve your spot in Google (especially if you blog regularly.) You can talk about products in depth and share the story behind them, plus it's a way for you to connect with your customers. It's also a great way to connect with other influencers in your industry and an excellent choice for social platforms.

What are some ways you've seen blogging improve your business?