How to Build Business Relationships

There are so many benefits to building these types of friendships with other companies and there are a variety of ways to do it. When you're deciding what's best for you and your business there are a few things to consider such as how this relationship will impact your company, how will it impact theirs and what could you do together to benefit both groups. 

Check out some ways to build business relationships that'll have depth and sustainability. Make a list of people you'd love to work with. Maybe your passionate about their mission, perhaps you love their products, whatever your reason, list people you want to build relationships with. Once you've got an idea of who'd you like to approach, start coming up with ways to collaborate to make the dream a reality. Remember to make them feel appreciated and honored. When you initially approach them look for ways to encourage them both personally and in their business. This will help establish respect and mutual understanding that your desire to work with them comes with no strings attached. 

Once you've made initial contact and the other person is willing to work together, here are some ways to make it happen!

1) Webinars: Host a webinar together. Talk about some burning questions your consumers would enjoying learning the answer to. Perhaps you want to interview the other person to get their personal opinion or maybe it's a collective chat between two people with expertise in their specific industry. Make it fun and worth tuning into. Be sure to advertise it on your platforms so that people know to tune in.

2) Collaborations: Unite companies to do something like a giveaway. This incentivizes both audiences to cross over and learn about the other company, plus someone gets to win a great prize!

3) Face to Face Dream Session: Get together over coffee and tea and dream up your own ideas! The sky is the limit and there's no telling what you'll come up with. Think outside of the box and have fun. Who knows, this person may turn out to be a life long friend!

What are some other ways you've found to connect with businesses in your area?