How to Avoid These Massive Social Media Hang-up

The beautiful photos, the meaningful quotes, the helpful blogs, all of it is essential in today's social networking platforms. It gives you a voice, allows you to be heard amongst the masses and you are given an uncanny ability to be original. This would seem like a gift, right? Well interestingly enough, it's a bit of a double edged sword. Though social media in all it's glam is quite wonderful, there is not just one, but rather two hang-ups that can lead you down a path you don't want to travel. 

The first is time. Time is of the essence when you are a small business owner so losing precious moments while styling the perfect shot isn't what you want to spend too much time doing. The second is comparison. It's definitely the thief of joy. We get busy scrolling and wondering why that person's company is thriving with thousands of followers while ours doesn't seem to get much action. Both of these hang-ups can lead to rough patches so here are some quick and easy norms to establish within your social media practices to ensure that it's both efficient and uplifting.

Time: Consider mapping out a schedule so that your posts automatically post on their own. Carve out time where you just focus on putting together images for your social platforms. Take an afternoon and take enough pictures so that you're set for at least a month. This will be so helpful in the long run and you won't be scrambling for something to post each day. When your posts are organized, it saves so much time and stress. If your able, hire someone to take the pictures, but if not, then a well focused, non-filtered picture from a smart phone will work great.

Comparison: It's easy to waste countless minutes (hours) scrolling through everyone else's feeds. It's definitely important to know what is trending in your industry and to gather information, but consider setting a time limit on it. Evaluate how you feel afterwards and see where you might need to adjust. Everybody is different, so do what works for you. The point of scrolling for your business is to learn, not to get down on yourself. If you find that you're feeling more bummed than enlightened, take a break from social media, get outside or do something that you love. You're worth it!

What are other things you've found to be helpful from social media?