Are You a True Entrepreneur?

Have you ever sat at your computer with so many ideas teeming that you couldn't type them out fast enough? Do you have little ways to motivate yourself each day that not only motivates you, but the people around you? Do you see opportunity when someone might not see it? If so, you just might be a true entrepreneur. 

If you're a visionary and a self starter then you're off to a great start on the entrepreneurial path. There are a lot of people who dream of owning their own business, but it take a certain person to stick with it. Being an entrepreneur is rewarding and tough, it's time consuming yet worth it- especially if being your own boss is something you hold dear. Check out five sure fire ways to know if you're a true entrepreneur. 

Confidence: You're bold and fearless in that awesome Girl Boss sort of way. Even if you get down, you pick yourself back up and you keep going. You know what your dream is and you know what it's going to take to get there. 

Passionate: Passion goes hand in hand with confidence. You're passion fuels your confidence and propels you forward during the good and the hard times. Your passion is often why you do what you do.

Persistent: You keep going even when doors seem to be closing. Instead of looking at no as the forever answer, you just mark it off your list and give the next one a try. Being persistent isn't for the faint of heart and it'll definitely inspire those around you.

Competitive: You've got that competitive edge that drives you forward. You're able to assess situations and markets and make good calls for your business. You're savvy when it comes to business or at least you surround yourself with excellent people who help you make sound decisions.

Motivated: Motivation is the name of the game. When you're the boss, you have to motivate yourself and often others to keep going day in and day out. 

Do any of these ring true for you? When's the last time you wrote out why you do what you do? Seeing it in front of you can help solidify your commitment. What are other ways that your entrepreneurial self shines forth?