3 Ways a Retreat Beats the Winter Blues

Planning a company retreat isn’t just something fun to do—it’s good business sense too. The winter is notorious for the blues both personally and professionally and a retreat may be the perfect remedy to nip blues in the bud and position your company for maximum success in the New Year. You'll be a hero to your team and you won't regret the decision to all come together, strategize and socialize. Some of the top reasons companies are planning winter retreats are to disengage from technology, connect with each and reflect on what's working what's not. 

Disengage from technology: Turning off personal cell phones and computers for a weekend is a fantastic way to refocus and rejuvenate. The average American spends 11 hours a day on technology devices! That's quite a bit so imagine the brain space saved by spending a day or two away from it. When your team sees that you're willing to say no to the phone, they'll be more willing to follow suite.  Technology has opened up our world in amazing ways, but there's just something special that happens when people just talk face to face.

Connect with yourself and with your team: Find what works for your team, but think about bringing in a speaker that's not just relevant to your industry, but one that's going to challenge everyone to dig deep and think outside the box. This retreat is meant to get creative juices flowing so creating an atmosphere where that's fostered will go a long way.

Reflect on what's working: Allow for time where everyone can brainstorm. Evaluate what's working and what's not. Be open to constructive feedback and be willing to make changes for the better. Build each other up and do something fun that will boost morale. Take a survey and find out what your people love about retreats and what they dread and try to create a retreat that reflects the values of your company and says that you care about your employees. And if you need help, we know the perfect event planner to help you!

Do you remember a retreat you've been to that made a significant impact on your life or the life of your business? Kiss those blues away and let's start planning!