How to Overcome Feeling Lonely as an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is wonderful and offers many advantages. When you sit back for a minute, do you remember when you decided to start working for yourself? It's probably the reason you keep going even when it's tough. The numerous advantages of working for yourself include, setting your schedule,  control over your business, you get to be the dreamer and the point person and you can help so many other people achieve their dreams too. But more often than you might realize, entrepreneurs feel lonely. They don't go into an office everyday because usually they work from home. They're not interacting with colleagues on a regular basis and while there are many, many perks from not working in an office, sometimes working alone can feel a bit isolating.

Do you ever feel that way? No fear, you're not alone. Here are 6 ways to keep yourself productive on the business side and fulfilled on the personal level. Having balance in both areas are key to success and vital to growing a healthy business. 

Don't Compare Yourself to Others: We are in the age of social media where a click of a button can land you anywhere in the world. Set parameters of times that you'll be on different platforms and times you will strictly work. This will help you save hours, literally, and you'll be more focused on the work at hand. Even if you post regularly for your business, look into scheduling the posts in advance to save time or login to post and then log off without perusing. 

Find a Hobby You Love: Find something unrelated to your full time job that's life giving. Whether it's learning a new language, joining a book club or meeting friends to workout at the park, find something that brings you joy. It'll destress you while helping you maintain a great balance of work and play. 

Networking Group: Consider joining a networking group that allows you to meet and interact with fellow entrepreneurs in your area. It's a great way to connect and talk about real life issues that entrepreneurs face everyday. You'll enjoy yourself and you'll meet some great people too. If you don't have one in your area, consider starting one of your own. Make it original and fun and you'll love it and so will everyone who joins!

Prioritize Your Social Life: It's really easy to slip into work mode, especially at night if you've been out all day. And while it's important to get work done, make sure you leave room to have a vibrant social life. Keeping that a priority will impact your work and even help you work harder and better.

How can you implement more social interaction in your busy day? If you're already doing so, share with us in the comments!