What Do Conferences and the Digital Age Have in Common?

Conferences are such a great way to gather a group of people together to motivate them, share your product and evoke a sense of camaraderie about your business. The digital age has done something extraordinary for conference goers- it's made it a virtual experience and has escalated the numbers who see and hear about your conference and business from a few hundred to a few thousand people. Conferences help you connect on a more personal level which people love- they want to see you and your team, not just your product. When you marry these two key points together, you create a story that others want to share. 

So how do you integrate the digital age into your conference? Whether you've been planning conferences for your company for decades or this is your first one, it's important to map out a strategy so that the digital aspect complements the overall tone of your event.

When you set out to create the vision for your event, try thinking past the typical conferences you've attended. What are ways you can connect with your audience on a deeper level? Are there personal touches you can add that will make them feel like you went that extra mile to ensure their comforts were met? As you build this strategy, ask yourself what type of story are you trying to tell? And is it worth retelling? As ideas begin to flow, make sure they're succinct and easy to grasp. You want audience goers to catch your vision quickly so that they too will want to share. 

Here are a couple ways to ensure you tell a great story with your next conference:

Have incredible, authentic speakers.

Arrange an area where event comers can take awesome pictures and look for a way to add your logo or company name in there. 

Look for ways to inspire your audience.

Provide excellent food and really great coffee.

Take time working with a designer to ensure your schedule and other paper products look really professional. Most people enjoy add touches to paper goods so this is something that will be regenerated on social media. 

In closing, we've put together some sites to consider when planning your event. Find out who your target market is and discover what platforms they use. From there, build your conference around these platforms so it feels natural for them to take pictures and promote where they are and what they are doing. 

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Video: YouTube, Periscope

Blogging: Connect with Influencers who will write reviews for your product and garner attention for your business through their audience

Video/Photography: Make sure you have someone lined up so you can use photos during and after event.

When was the last conference you attended that merged the digital age and the event well? What stuck out to you?