How to Maximize Social Media Exposure at Events

Social Media sometimes feels like it's taking over every aspect of our lives with the constant flow of selfies and latte art and epic landscapes. And while that's all true, there is something amazing about social media that just can't be denied: It's free and it's effective. It's continuing to gain momentum and extending it's reach to millions of people. So, how do you maximize social media exposure at events?

There's a certain niche that businesspeople should adhere to on social media. Once you've found what yours is, market it well and watch the impact social platforms will have on your business. Social media is definitely an art and takes a little bit getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, it can reap huge dividends.

Have an event hashtag
Let the event goers know ahead of time to hashtag something specific so everyone can go back later and see the pictures from the event. It's great for you and your team because you can use some of the great photos other people took of your event. Remember, sharing is caring. Tag the people who's photo's you use and share away!

Have a social media point person
Events get busy and even someone with the best of intentions may forget to take pictures that are social media worthy. Have someone assigned to the task so you can ensure that important aspect is taken care of. Consider having a live feed update so that partygoers who had to miss can still stay up to date through the live reel. 

Use relevant hashtags
When posting the pictures, search for relevant hashtags that people in your field might search. This will maximize your exposure and broaden your reach. Like pictures under these hashtags and comment and your following will quickly grow.

Choose pictures that tell a story
It's important to choose pictures that tell a fantastic story. There are millions of pictures vying for people's attention. Will yours stand out among the masses? 

Use 2-3 platforms and use them well
There are so many different ways to reach the large audiences through social media but don't get overwhelmed if you don't know which one to choose. Find 2 or 3 you feel comfortable using and then do a great job posting, interacting with followers and growing your following. At the end of the day, you may have tired fingers, but the pay off can be huge and worth it.

What ways have you implemented social media in your business? Have you seen great results? We'd love to hear what you've found effective.