Fourth Quarter Corporate Meetings

It's almost October and it's time to pull out the sweaters and fall clothes. We're heading into the final quarter of the year and with that comes mounted pressure to end the year on a high note. This may be a good time to meet with your event planner and arrange a business meeting to make sure everyone is tracking towards their year end goals. An event planner is crucial in this planning process and will alleviate pressure on you so that you can focus on ending the year strong. Event planners are business folks too and they totally understand fourth quarter numbers that make or break the year. They're here to help make your end of year a success!

Whether you need a team powwow to boost morale, recognize a job well done, train or rally the troops, an event planner will be able to successfully handle all the necessary details. Depending on what type of meeting you'd like to have can vary, but here are a few ideas to get the wheels turning:

Coffee Meeting- Your planner can arrange for premium, specially grade coffee and a light breakfast to be catered as you and your team go over numbers and other business. This can easily be arranged within your office or if you need a fresh perspective, a room can be rented in a hotel for a small cost. Maybe even think outside the box and have your event planner book a coffee shop to host your meeting. The planner can arrange transportation for the group as well as any necessary essentials you'd like to include in your meeting.

Lunch and Learn Event- Take your group out for fresh air! Your event planner can have an excellent lunch catered to everyone's liking as well as a picnic area set up so real business talk can be discussed. Perhaps it's gotten too cold for this in your region, but have no fear! Plenty of restaurants and hotels alike have stand up heaters that can warm you as you enjoy a business lunch with your colleagues. If fresh air isn't quite what you had in mind, your planner can create an incredible atmosphere just about anywhere you choose. It'll be inviting and ready for the team to lunch and brainstorm or go over end of year numbers.

Dinner and Desserts- Your event planner can schedule an amazing working meal for you and your team. Whether it's catered to the office or at a venue, your planner will take care of every detail in between. From agendas to pass around to the team to transportation, everything will be covered!

These ideas centered a lot on food and beverages but an event planner can assist in managing all programs, paperwork and anything else you'd like your employees to have. Event planners are like an extension of yourself and are here to make your events run smoothly and efficiently. And don't forget, once you've wrapped up the year and everyone's ready to celebrate, your planner will help throw the best bash around! Here's to a solid fourth quarter!