Book a Cruise for Your Next Event

Picture the sun soaring overhead, the heat of it creating a comfortable and warm environment while music plays as you sip your favorite drink by the pool. Sound like a dream? It can be a reality when you book your next corporate event on a cruise ship!

Cruises are excellent venue choices because they are typically all-inclusive and are a great way for everyone to be together and yet have their space because the ship is so large. An event planner is so helpful when booking these sorts of events for a myriad of reasons. They take care of all the logistic details such as booking the cruise, booking the rooms and working with the cruise line to ensure that they are wiling to work with your company. Planners take care of transportation to and from the ship and if you have to fly to your port, they take care of all the airline details too!

Cruising is a great way to treat your company to a vacation by the sea while mixing in some work! People will be fresh, rested and perhaps even more focused for the meetings. On cruises, there are rooms available for business meetings so your event planner will book the rooms, make sure they are stocked with important items vital to your meeting plus select the spread for you to eat during the meeting. Since food is inclusive on ships, it definitely cuts down on the overall cost for your event. 

There are plenty of fun shows and things to do all over the ship and your planner can put together a schedule so that everyone can enjoy them together. Plus you can’t forget about excursions! At each port, there are so many amazing adventures to enjoy and your planner can take care of the monetary and logistics end of that so that you and your team just have to walk off the boat and enjoy your day!

There are also a few added bonuses to working with your event planner and cruising for your next corporate event. Some cruises are 3 days, which is the perfect amount of time for a mix of work and play. They are inclusive and may end up being cheaper once you factor in travel, venue, catering etc when compared to a land event. It’s a unique way to inspire and empower your employees and get a little tan on the side. An event planner will recommend top ships that are great for accommodating events just like what you envision. The ease an event planner brings to your meeting is priceless so talk with yours today and start planning the cruise of your dreams!